Our production

The main focus of our company is the SMT technology, which means surface mounting of components on printed circuit board (PCB).

Our SMT technology is fully automated and consist of screen printers, highspeed chip mounters, reflow and AOI machines. Using this technology is possible to install and mount miniature electronic components such as microchips, integrated circuits, etc. Printed circuit boards exist in several forms in an effort to measure PCB have been minimal.

In addition to automated technology and modern machinery our company has many years experience in the manual installation and soldering technologies. These processes are highly demanding on technical knowledge and experience of staff.

Main advantages of SMT are:

  • Smaller components,
  • Faster and simpler automated assembly. Some placement machines are capable of placing more than 50,000 components per hour,
  • Much higher number of components and many more connections per component,
  • Components can be placed on both sides of the circuit board,
  • Lower resistance and inductance at the connection,
  • Better mechanical performance under shake and vibration conditions,
  • SMT parts generally cost less than through-hole parts.

Our main products are: PCB to LCD TVs, LFD monitors, set top boxes and home theaters.

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